Updated Start Dates 20-21

Due to COVID-19 the 20-21 Athletic Seasons have shifted from their usual season of sport start dates.  Please see below for the first day of practice for all sports during the 20-21 school year.  Tryout dates/times/locations coming soon.

                2020-2021 CIFSDS MASTER CALENDAR *(Updated due to COVID-19)
Season 1 (Fall/Winter) Start Date Season 2 (Spring) Start Date
Badminton Dec 12th Baseball Mar 13th
Cross Country Dec 12th Boys Basketball Mar 13th
Football Dec 12th Girls Basketball Mar 13th
Boys Volleyball Dec 12th Golf Feb 15th
Girls Volleyball Dec 12th Boys Soccer Feb 22nd
Girls Soccer Feb 22nd
Softball Mar 13th
Swimming Mar 13th
Boys Tennis Feb 22nd
Girls Tennis Feb 22nd
Track & Field Mar 13th
Boys Wrestling Mar 13th
Girls Wrestling Mar 13th