Participation Process

19-20 Athletic Participation has closed for the year for any students not already on a Spring Sports Roster.

New Registration and Physical Forms will be available on June 1st 2020



Kearny High Athletic Participation

Clearance deadlines to ensure eligibility for tryouts each season.

Fall: July 10th 2019 – Winter: October 25th 2019 – Spring: January 24th 2020

All forms must be turned in to the main office (coaches may not accept).

***Please Read All Directions***


 ☐ Directions needed to log-on/complete the online process.

  19-20 Athletic Clearance

Log-On & Register:



☐ If you are a transfer contact AD Jonathan Sachs in the Kearny Complex Main Office


Plan ahead to allow a few days for your info to be reviewed and processed before your participation can be confirmed.

Students must use only the 19-20 SDUSD forms…….Leave nothing blank!

You may not practice, compete, or receive a uniform until all forms have been completed. Each coach has access to the eligibility database to confirm.